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NA-1 Peshawar – KP

NA-1 or Peshawar-I is a constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that consists of parts of Peshawar city and its surrounding areas. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, in 2013 there are total 320,581 voters registered in NA-1. Find out all details of NA-1 Election Result, NA-1 Winner, names of all candidates and number of registered voters in the constituency.

NA-1 Result with Winner & Candidates List





1 Ghulam Ahmad Bilour ANP 34386
2 Gul Badshah PTI 28911
3 Muhammad Ibrahim Qasmi Indep 6673
4 Samad Mursalin TI 1770
5 Kamran Sadiq Indep 498
6 Jehngir Khan Indep 204
7 Muhammad Atiq ur Rehman KJPP 67
8 Yasmin Sherazi Indep 46
9 Syed Fayaz Ali Shah Indep 25
10 Malik Najab Gul Khalil Indep 19
11 Mian Sultan Muhammad TM 18
12 Niaz Muhammad Momand Indep 14

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